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Terms and Conditions for registering a FREE Domain Name

This is the standard way of registration. It's a free service! You need to have a website, homepage or web page online on an existing web address or the capability of setting up your own website/server with content. Every Internet user who surfs to your Dot TK address will automatically go to the website address you have registered. You can change your website address any time to redirect your users to a different website or web page.

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Terms and Conditions for registering a PAID Domain Name

As any other registry, Dot TK also sells domain names! As a PAID domain name registrant, you receive the benefits of holding the legal license rights of the domain name.

This means that you can register the domain for a longer period of time (2-9 years) and where you identify yourselves in the WHOIS record of the domain.

Legal license holders (paid domain name registrants) are able to sell or transfer their domains - just like it is common with any other top level domain.

Pricing start at USD 6.95 per year. Please review the terms and conditions here.

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Dot TK Privacy Statement

At Dot TK, we are committed to protecting your privacy. We use the information we collect about you and your domain name, payment method to process registrations only. Please review the Dot TK Privacy Statement for more information.

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Dot TK Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy

If you and any other party, other than Dot TK, have a dispute over the registration and use of a .TK domain name, the Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy applies for more information.

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Registrant Name Change Agreement (Domain Name Transfers)

There is a charge of USD 175.00 for priority transfers of domain name registration from a current registrant to another, with no deletion. This process is completed within two (2) business days. Please use the Registrant Name Change Agreement, fill it out and fax it to our office. Standard transfers are also available, these take approximately 3-6 weeks to process and are free of charge.

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To review the agreement, you will need adobe acrobat reader.